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KIT digital is a video storage/encoding/broadcast platform. Your videos can be seen on any connected device that uses it. KIT digital is used by all the main actors in european media and CAC40 companies. KIT digital also partners with many worldwide groups, helping them with their video communication strategy.

  • 3 200 000 000 thumbnails sent monthly.
  • 2 000 000 000 monthly API requests.
  • 100 000 000 videos broadcasted monthly.
  • 10 000 000 videos broadcasted on mobile devices monthly.
  • 90 000 000 players served monthly.
  • 1 800 000 hosted videos.
  • 10 000 screens deployed.
  • 450 customers worldwide.
  • 3,2 encodings every minute.
  • 2 videos added every minute.

KIT digital video API allows you to control any aspect of the platform. The only limit is your imagination...

The API commands are split into packages (you'll find them at the left side of the screen below). Each package is linked to a pool of methods.

For each method you'll find entry parameters, output, a list of errors, one or several use cases, etc.

Enjoy learning the platform!